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Here and there: Radar, Pepsi, 'Land of the Lost'

May 28, 2009 - Ray Eckenrode
  Things we didn't get to write about because we were obsessing over "Lost":
  > If you fondly remember the days when Pepsi rotted our teeth our with real sugar instead of rotting them out with high fructose corn syrup then there's good news for you in the form of Pepsi Throwback. For a limited time, Pepsi has put it's original formula back on store shelves. It's a mellower, slightly sweeter taste that you'll immediately recognize if you grew up in the 70's. Now if they could get back in those real glass bottles, they'd have something.
  > If you'd like to add incorrect radar forecasts to your arsenal of incorrect weather forecasts (incorrect TV guy, incorrect radio service, incorrect online specialty sites) then there's good news for you in the form of The Weather Channel's TruPoint Maps in Motion. You can now visit, type in your zip code, click on the "radar maps" tab and then on the "Future" buttons at the bottom right to put the radar maps into projected motion for 3-4 hours into the future. We tested it three times over the weekend and we can tell you that it is every bit as inaccurate as regular forecasting, but knock if you're planning a golf outing or schedule for a baseball game, knock yourself out with it.
  > It may turn out that the best thing about the big budget remake of "Land of the Lost" -- which stars Will Ferrell, looks absolutely dreadful and is going to get buried at the box office by "The Hangover" -- is the fact that it brought the 70's Sid and Marty Kroft original series back for a spin on SciFi. We watched a lot of the "Land of the Lost" marathon over the holiday weekend and we forgot just how groovy it was.
  > For you "Lost" fans out there (you didn't think we were getting through this without a "Lost" reference, did you?), it might be worth your time to try and track down the 17th and final episode of the first season of "Land of the Lost," titled "Circle." In it, the Marshalls learn they caused a temporal disturbance when they entered The Land of the Lost because they never actually left their parallel universe. They find there's another Marshall family that died in that fall down those rapids and the only way to rectify the paradox is for the family in the Land of the Lost to leave via a time doorway and go back to the raft ride which, of course, will end with them re-entering again back where they (and the series) started. Hmmmmmm, you know Damon Lindelof watched a lot of TV in the 70's.


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