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Tube talk: 'True Blood," 'Lost' statue, 'Jon & Kate...'

May 31, 2009 - Ray Eckenrode
'True Blood' is back soon
  HBO’s “True Blood” has been described as “Twilight for grownups” but we don’t think that’s quite accurate. How about “Twilight, but interesting” or “Twilight with teeth”? Seriously, HBO’s campy, kinky hit returns in two weeks (Sunday June 14) with more blood sucking, shape shifting and general spookiness.
Anna Pacquin’s sexy, sassy work as waitress Sookie Stackhouse made her one of the breakout stars of 2008 and Stephen Moyer’s work as her brooding vampire love interest is every bit as rich. After the fantastic ratings for Season 1, HBO rushed Season 2 into production and is marketing it to the hilt.
Here’s the trailer for Season 2 (set to Bob Dylan’s “Beyond Here Lies Nothing”).
Here’s a sneak peek.

And the statue is...
  When the official summary of the “Lost” season finale went online at last week, it quietly provided one of the biggest answers viewers had been clamoring for since Season 1. The summary of “The Incident” confirms that the four-toed statue that stood on the coast of the island at one time is Taweret, the Egyptian goddess of pregnancy and childbirth. Talk amongst youselves. We’ll be theorizing in more detail later this summer.

Here and there:
  > If you’re a regular viewer of “Jon & Kate Plus 8” and you’re shocked to find out the Gosselins marriage is on the rocks, you have not been watching very closely. Dude has had that shellshocked, “somebody get me out of here” look on his face since episode No. 1.
  > Conan is too weird for 11:30 America, right?
  > Never has a network done such a disservice to a major sport as NBC continues to do to professional hockey. Pierre McGuire, particularly, is perhaps the worst analyst working on any network in any sport.


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May-31-2009 10:48 PM

judi got me to watch an episode of john and kate about 6 months ago and after about 5 minutes i said,"how can he still be married to her"? i have to admit, i do enjoy some of the things the kids do. i find watching john and kate interact is kinda like driving past a bad car accident.


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