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E3 '09 announcements = AWESOME!

June 3, 2009 - Nick Recchia Tom Worthington
So I'm not going to try and report on E3 because their are other sites that are actually there and can report on things from first hand experience. But what I am going to do is list some things from E3 that has extremely peaked my interest. Feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you are most looking forward to from E3.

• Project Natal - If you have yet to look into what this is, you need to stop reading this right now (then come back) and go watch the videos on this. I think Microsoft has got everyone's number with this one. What it is is an attachment for the 360 that consists of a high powered microphone, camera and infrared camera. Sounds like an upgraded Vision Camera, right? WRONG! This goes above and beyond anything that is out there. This gadget turns you into the controller. You throw a punch you character throws a punch. You jump, they jump. It is absolutely incredible. Full body motion capture, facial and voice recognition...this baby does it all.

• Halo: Reach - If you haven't heard the news, Halo: Reach was announced yesterday as the precursor to Halo CE. If you aren't sure what "Reach" is, Reach is a planet that was taken over by the Covenant early in the war. You may have heard or read the book "Halo: Fall of Reach". At first it was unsure what type of game this was but recently it was reported that it is in fact a FPS. Make sure you watch the trailer. There isn't much to it but I still got chills.

• Halo3: ODST - I am loving all of the info finally given about the game. All we had to look at before was the trailer. Now we have images, gameplay footage and new info about a new mode called "Firefight. Think "Horde mode" from Gears. Follow the link to see the demo.

• Left 4 Dead 2 - It seems a little early for a second Left 4 Dead but it's coming. But not without a few changes. It is reported and shown in the trailer that you will now be able to wield blunt objects such as a frying pan, baseball bat and other objects such as a chainsaw and axe. Supposedly this one will have a longer shelf life than the first game. Either way I love killing zombies so they can keep them coming.

• Joyride - This may seem kind of silly to be on this list but one ITS FREE! And two it looks like something that would be cool to waste some time with friends without doing something overly serious. Joyride is basically a toony looking car racing game that seems to be a mix between road runner cartoons and micro machines. Follow the link to see the video.

• Splinter Cell Conviction: I have to say this looks pretty sweet. My friends and I always played spy vs merc and I wouldn't mind getting back into that with this one.

• Wii Sports Resort - I didn't look into this one much but I know it's coming and I loved the original Wii Sports. This should be even more fun.

-Nick Recchia


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