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June 8, 2009 - Nick Recchia Tom Worthington
I had a nice blast from the past last night with one of my favorite SNES games. If you couldn't tell from the title, I am talking about NBA Jam. My friend DJ got a hold of the game and we had a little tourney just for something fun to do. And I have to tell you, it was awesome.

It is always fun to go back and play old games. For one you get to make fun of how bad the graphics and sound effects were back then. On top of that, playing an old game lets you remember how much fun you used to have playing when it was new. Plus playing a game like NBA Jam on the SNES gives you a break from how games are made now-a-days.

The SNES controller has 8 buttons ,including the start and select buttons, and the D-pad. That's it. And with NBA Jam the X and Y buttons and the A and B buttons do the same thing. So its mindless playing. You just get to go down court drain some threes or pull of some ridiculous dunks. That is a huge difference compared to today's games and controller where you have 20 buttons and each one does something different. Then if you press certain ones together that does something else. Sometimes it is nice to just get away from that.

I suggest dusting off your stack of old NES/SNES/Genesis games and popping some in. It really gives you a sense of nistalgia and gives you a bit more appreciation for games that came out two or more generations ago. I suggest starting with NBA Jam if you have it. You'll be hooked again in no time.

- Nick Recchia


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