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Senate proposal no cure

June 22, 2009 Members of the Senate are being asked to vote on a health care bill that will be exceedingly costly for taxpayers in general — and that will increase the cost of medical treatment for tens of... more »»

Speak out now about tax hike

June 21, 2009 Gov. Ed Rendell raised the stakes for Pennsylvanians with his proposal for a half of a percentage point increase in the state’s personal income tax. more »»

Bill Bettwy cartoon

June 21, 2009 Bill Bettwy cartoon... more »»

Relay support moving

June 12, 2009 It’s Relay for Life season, a time when communities all around us pull together to help fight cancer, the dreaded disease that has inflicted so many of our familie. more »»

Research housing options

June 7, 2009 Logan Township’s leaders need to do more research as they consider how to address a projected 500-student increase over the next few years at Penn State Altoon. more »»

Tour de ’Toona facing dead end

May 27, 2009 The Tour de ’Toona announced some bad news last week. more »»

Shining Light(ner) on council

May 26, 2009 Given that Altoona has had a black community for many years, it’s almost hard to believe that it’s taken until 2009 for the city to have a black member of City Council. more »»

Health reform rush bad medicine

May 21, 2009 President Barack Obama calls it “urgency and determination.” We think many Americans will view it as reckless, irresponsible abuse of power. more »»

Deputies presence wise idea

May 20, 2009 Bedford County’s decision to have armed sheriff’s deputies nearby when residents meet with a company about new property assessments is a wise precaution. more »»

Pelosi allegation tortures issue

May 19, 2009 How much House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knew about waterboarding and when she knew it has become one of the top questions being asked in Washington — and elsewhere as Americans wonder whether Pelosi’s... more »»

Political divide widening

May 14, 2009 Liberal politicians make much of the so-called social “divide” in America. John Edwards, one of the failed Democratic Party candidates for president last year, had a name for i. more »»

Reduce wasteful spending

May 13, 2009 By a unanimous vote, members of the U.S. Senate demanded that the Pentagon stop wasting money on defense contract. more »»

Demolition will boost downtown

May 12, 2009 The loss of a building will be downtown Altoona’s gain once demolition of the former Woolworth store is complete. more »»

GOP offers spending restraint

May 10, 2009 There’s no escaping the pain that’s coming from the state’s budget shortfall. The only questions are what type it will be, who will experience the worst and how long it will las. more »»

For Specter, re-election the only thing

May 3, 2009 In chameleon-like fashion, U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter revealed Tuesday what may be the only thing he really cares about — saving his political hide. more »»

Printed word provides record

April 26, 2009 When you want to save a favorite recipe, you write it down. When buying a home, you sign your name on printed forms. more »»

$100M cut more flash than cash T

April 22, 2009 o most people, $100 million is the stuff of which dreams are made. more »»

Proposal could be win-win

April 21, 2009 More information is needed for area counties to determine whether housing state inmates is a realistic revenue source for their prisons. But it’s an idea worth exploring. more »»

Hold reps responsible for words

April 19, 2009 A federal appeals court is providing U.S. Rep. John Murtha and other members of Congress too much cover by ruling that the Johnstown Democrat cannot be sued after he accused U.S. more »»

Tea parties not enough for change

April 17, 2009 One tea party does not a revolution make. more »»

Play ball: Home opener lifts spirits

April 16, 2009 There’s something special about a home opener in baseball — it’s an unofficial sign that spring is upon us. more »»



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