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Telling full story of two American heroes

June 22, 2009 I wish to embellish John Manocchio’s tribute to Jack Kuhn. I had the pleasure of meeting and engaging in a lengthy discussion with Kuhn several years ago. more »»

Message important

June 22, 2009 I am writing to respond to the recent letter about the billboard on Frankstown Road about Jesus. more »»

Senate bill threatens parks like Blue Knob

June 15, 2009 Pennsylvania is the fourth most visited state in our nation for tourism, and our state parks are an anchor for the tourist industry. more »»

God not hard to find

June 15, 2009 I read the “Wrong message sent” letter to the editor in the May 28 Mirror regarding the Jesus billboard and shook my head in disbelief. The writer’s comment that he doubted “ ... more »»

A plea for military to be treated better

June 15, 2009 Where is your support now? Where are all the ribbon and flag wavers now who claim to “support our troops”? Let me see if I can put this into order: We cheer and send these people off t... more »»

Treat gays equally

June 15, 2009 Passage of California’s Prop 8, banning same-sex marriage, has opened the door to oppression and tyranny of all minoritie. more »»

Stop ‘insanity’ of redefining marriage

June 12, 2009 Hats off to Senator Eichelberger for his stance and bill proposal of marriage. It is defined by a union between a man and a woman. more »»

End the bickering

June 12, 2009 In today’s world, including in America, we face real challenges that must be dealt with. The problem is that politics seem to be getting in the way. more »»

Energy tax not answer

June 7, 2009 By U.S. Rep. Bill Shuster Consumers are good at telling when a com­-pany is pulling a bait and switch. more »»

Idea of 1 percent tax is worth consideration

June 1, 2009 In a recent Altoona Mirror, there were two articles that should be of interest to all property owners of Blair Count. more »»

Headline misleading

June 1, 2009 The Mirror’s headline “Senator sponsors anti-gay bill” was incorrect. We think the Mirror owes state Sen. John Eichelberger an apology. more »»

Early education pays off

June 1, 2009 It’s good that our government recognized the immediate effect of early education on our state’s economy in the federal stimulus package, but this does not fill the gap of preparing our young childre... more »»

A call to prayer

June 1, 2009 I think it’s a darn shame that the president of the United States of America isn’t even of honorable enough character to justifiably speak at Notre Dam. more »»

Respect Memorial Day

June 1, 2009 While visiting Altoona May 9-10, I noticed the full-page color ads for Memorial Day — a time for remembering — but then realized that the ad is for remembering loved ones who have left us. more »»

Eichelberger proposal disgraceful

May 27, 2009 Recently, it has come to my attention that our own state senator, John Eichelberger, proposed a state constitutional amendment to ban courts from allowing same-sex marriage. more »»

Denying rights unconstitutional

May 27, 2009 I am surprised that John Eichelberger, Mr. “No More Big Government” would invite government interference in the lives of Pennsylvanians by introducing an amendment to ban gay marriage. more »»

Misses ‘robust’ Mirror

May 27, 2009 I look forward each day by greeting the day with a cup of coffee and the Altoona Mirror. Alas, this morning when I went to the mailbox for the paper, there she was, like a woman on a diet. more »»

Buying American-made vehicles helps economy

May 26, 2009 What is the most essential and yet expendable product that consumers can purchase that creates more jobs than any other? An automobile — more specifically, an American made, preferably,... more »»

A ‘moving’ legacy

May 23, 2009 It is with heavy, heavy hearts that we learn of the passing of our brother, Bud Dinges. Dinges was well known in the Altoona community for his kindnes. more »»

Downtown lacks plan

May 23, 2009 The Woolworth building is going to be demolished. This comes as no surprise to me. more »»

Support Tea Party

May 21, 2009 I was very impressed and pleased with the number of people who attended the tea parties across the country. Apparently the president is also impresse. more »»



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