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7 Celebrity Weight-Loss Wonders

7 Celebrity Weight-Loss Wonders

Before and after photos of 7 celebrities who made the decision to drop the extra weight—and keep it off.

Valerie Bertinelli - Before
Bertinelli spent much of her teenage years in front of television audiences, keeping her weight in check for the cameras. And decades later, the stress of ending her 20-year marriage to rocker Eddie Van Halen only exacerbated the actress's lifelong weight issues.

Valerie Bertinelli - After
In 2008, through the support of family and friends, hard work, and weight-loss program Jenny Craig, Bertinelli reached her weight-loss goal of 40 pounds and went on to lose 7 more.

“After a lifetime of losing and gaining weight, I get it. No matter how you slice it, weight loss comes down to the simple formula of calories in, calories out,” Bertinelli said on her blog. “ Before, I was unsettled and uninformed. Yes, I knew that I wasn’t supposed to be eating huge restaurant-size entrées drenched in butter. But I didn’t know why I did it anyway.... Now, I still eat all the time, but it’s the right food, for the right reasons.”

Seth Rogen – Before
Actor Seth Rogen has built his career on playing lazy slacker types who wouldn't dream of setting foot in a gym.

Seth Rogen – After
In 2008, Rogen started hitting the gym with a trainer to get in shape for his role in the big screen version of "The Green Hornet." His secret, he reveals, is not much of a secret at all.

"I exercised and I dieted."

Al Roker - Before
The "Today" show's Al Roker made the decision to commit to long-term weight loss in 2002, at a weight of 320 pounds.

Al Roker – After
Roker underwent gastric bypass surgery and had lost 100 lbs by the end of 2002. Post-op, the TV personality has a better handle on his eating.

"I have a much better relationship with food. I'm not sneaking. I'm eating out in the open. I enjoy my meals."

Marie Osmond - Before
Osmond has admitted to having tackled weight issues all her life, but she didn't open her eyes to the problem until son Stephen said, "Mom, we think you're beautiful no matter what you weigh, but we want you to start taking care of yourself. ... We want you to be around for us and for our kids, too."

Marie Osmond - After
In late 2007, with help from NutriSystem and a season of "Dancing With The Stars," Osmond went from a size 12 to a size 2-4.

"We can lose weight for many reasons—we can do it to look good or to get in those tiny little jeans," she said. "But I'm telling you, health is the only way. Not only health physically, but health mentally."

Horatio Sanz – Before
Former "Saturday Night Live" cast member Horatio Sanz used his size as fodder for laughs on the venerable sketch comedy show.

Horatio Sanz – After
Shortly after leaving "SNL," Sanz lost roughly 100 pounds.

"I’ve been trying to come up with a joke about how I’ve lost weight and I was going to say, 'I stopped putting nuts in my sundaes,' he told New York magazine in late 2008. "I never weighed myself when I was at my fattest, because I was scared I might die."

Star Jones – Before
In 2003, at 307 pounds, "View" co-host Star Jones had turned from overweight to morbidly obese. And she even admitted to avoiding seeing herself on TV.

Star Jones – After
Jones' decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery led to an eventual loss of over half of her bodyweight. Now, she says that the weight loss has given her a new attitude.

"I don't have to be as loud. I don't have to be as boisterous. I'm healthy. I can breathe. I can walk up stairs."

Jack Osbourne – Before
In 2005, at 5' 8" and 231 pounds, the youngest member of the Osbourne clan made the decision to say goodbye to his hard-partying ways and hello to a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Jack Osbourne – After
After shedding more than 70 pounds, Osbourne is finally able to see life on the other side of weight loss.

"I've been able to live a normal life for the first time in years."

7 Celebrity Weight-Loss Wonders


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